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Trip #4 Royal Enfield diesel Bullet trip to Rajasthan — Not Yet!

Update: June 2012: I sold my 95’ Enfield diesel Bullet after 25000 km with no major collisions or problems on the roads of South India.


Update: July 2012: I bought a second hand 78’ Enfield diesel Bullet and plan a long trip to Rajasthan…

The new bike needs a bit of tuning for better mileage, then with Swami’s grace…


Update: November 2012: The 78’ model diesel Bullet goes now very well with good mileage and low vibration.


Update: I hope to do the trip in February and March 2013. Just when I was about to go to Rajasthan end of February I got an inner warning to delay the trip.

Update: February 2013. I saw an ad in the internet with a blue colored diesel Bullet in Madhya Pradesh.

I could not resist and took the train, the bus and stayed 2 days to test this bike. See pictures below


The bike felt so comfortable that I drove about 800 km from Pandharkawada to Puttaparthi on a single day. I promise I will not do it again.


Great pick up, very low vibration (my priority when I try a diesel Bullet), 18 tooth sprocket, healthy engine sound but not very good mileage (around 50km/l) at full speed and I almost always drive full speed… with a bit of diesel pump and nozzle adjustment it should go well.


At lower speed mileage is around 60-70km/l at 60-70 km/h which is correct.


A great thank you to Bablu Sumo who sold me the bike, a real Indian gentleman!

Update: July 2014. Still no trip to Rajasthan!


In November 2013 while I was driving on the diesel Bullet, I felt that my time with diesel bikes was over, so I sold my two diesel Bullets; one went to Mumbay and one to Hyderabad.


Then came the new line with Vintage Enfield’s made in England with G2 engine, good because I don’t like the new Royal Enfield models.


I have now a 54’ model and 56’ model vintage G2 made in England. Very happy!


I still wish to go to Rajasthan… let’s see when?

Update: November 2014. Trip to Rajasthan but without motorcycle for photography! See gallery: Rajasthan