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Smiths Chronometric, Lucas ammeter and Amal carbs made in England

Smiths Chronometric Speedometer

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Amal 276 pre-monobloc from early 30s to mid 50s and 376 from 1955.

Amal 376/49 monobloc is fitted on the 59 G2 Royal Enfield

Amal carburetor

Lucas ammeter

Lucas ammeter


20-0-20 amp

1 3/4

on the 54 Enfield together with a 120mph Smiths Chronometric


Lucas ammeter

BM4 36129

8-0-8 amp



TRIUMPH 1956-1958

5T 6T T110 T120

Amal 626 concentric MK1 and 928 will fit well on a G2

Lucas ammeter

BM2 369149 20-0-20

BM4 36052 20-0-20

BM4 36129 8-0-8